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How to Protect Your Lips and Have Perfect, Soft, Kissable Lips.

There are five common lip shapes, and depending on which one you have, there are tricks to play them up and make them look their best. What shape are your lips in? I can show you how to make them look at their best. Continue reading

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PRESS RELEASE: Hairdresser Restores Dyed, Fried and Laid Aside Looking Hair

As a hairdresser, I found it incredibly hard to make everyone’s hair look beautiful until I found the Hair Nutrients Collection I use… Continue reading

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Take Control of Acid Reflux

Do You Suffer From… Indigestion? Bloating? Excess Gas ? Burning Sensation? WHAT IS CAUSING THIS? Undigested, putrefied food that can become poisonous and release toxins in your body. Acid Reflux is quickly reaching epidemic proportions. Acid Reflux is non-discriminatory, affecting … Continue reading

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High blood pressure (hypertension) is the most important risk factor for preventing heart attack and stroke.  About one-third of adults have it, but many of them don’t know it. The causes of high blood pressure are not fully understood, but … Continue reading

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