How to Protect Your Lips and Have Perfect, Soft, Kissable Lips.

In my recent Ezine article as titled above, I discussed some tricks on making your lips look their best and also how to play them up based on their natural shapes.  What I would like to share with you here in this blog is how I condition my lips, some secrets to keeping my lips healthy, and always looking their best by discussing some solutions to frequent problem.

Problem:  Lipstick Color Keeps Fading.

Solution.  If your lip color always wears off too soon, give it a good reason to stay around. 

First, prep you lips with “ForYou, Lip Member” a rich cream that fills in the crack and pampers you lips.

Second, smooth on some “ForYou, Cool Cover.”  Our Cool Cover concealer helps lock-in the lipstick, and also brightens color by providing even tones to start with.

Finally, before applying your lipstick apply “ForYou, Translucent Powder and then apply your lipstick as normal.

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Problem:  Lips are flaking.  No more dry peeling lips anymore with this solution!

Solution:  To get a smooth and flake free surface fast, apply a small coat of “ForYou, All Purpose Gel.” buff lips with our gentle scrub, “ForYou, Microdermabrasion Crystals”, or mix a little sugar with a few drop of “ForYou, Mink Oil.”  Rub the scrub over the lips and wipe off.  To prevent recurrence, apply “ForYou, All Purpose Gel” nightly.

Problem:  Kids Lick Their Lips and Cause Them to Be Chapped. 

Solution:  Apply “All Purpose Gel” on lips and cheeks every morning and again at night-time.  It will keep them conditioned, and stop rashes and windburn from even starting.   It also, helps soothe fever blisters and starts the healing process.   This product does so much more.  Go now to my website at:  to order this remarkable product and learn more about it.   

Problem:  At the End of Your Lipstick Tube and Don’t Want to Waste It. 

Solution:  Create a tinted lip gloss. Place one teaspoon of All Purpose Gel (APG) in a small travel container then empty out the remainder of your old lip stick tube into the container.  Blend in the lipstick and APG to create a sheer/tinted lip gloss and prevent dry lips.

Hope you will now try some of my tricks and solutions to have those perfect, soft, kissable lips by visiting my website. 

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Shelley Roberts has been a professional hair dresser and personal care consultant for over 20 years. She currently consults with clients on personal care products to make one’s life better.

For a one on one consultation please contact her at: and click on the Contact Me tab.

Hope these tips have been useful to you in caring for your lips.

If you found this article useful, please consider linking to it or sharing it with others, complete and intact with proper credit to the author. Your comments are welcome as well! © 2010 Shelley Roberts – All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

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