PRESS RELEASE: Hairdresser Restores Dyed, Fried and Laid Aside Looking Hair

As a hairdresser, I found it incredibly hard to make everyone’s hair look beautiful.   As I said in my Ezine article “Hairdresser Tips to Dyed, Fried and Laid Aside Looking Hair”

Coloring, perms, foiling, blow drying, and the environment – like the sun, wind and the worst of all the swimming pool – was destroying their hair.  Mine too.  I needed to help them, and here is what I use and used to help my customers. 

 Let’s start with the shampoo…

 The shampoo I use (ForYou, INC Shampoo with Mineral Oxides) does the following:

  1.   It acts as a treatment on a daily basis by removing dry or oily flakes from the scalp. 
  2.   Daily it gently removes any styling product from the day before.  This give the hair volume, body and fullness.
  3.   It has a special germ-fighting mineral, that gently and completely cleanses the hair as it stimulates scalp circulation with essential oil biospheres.
  4.  The products Mineral Oxides help fight bacteria to gently and completely cleanse and nourish the hair and scalp.
  5.  Removes pollutants, sebum, and residues from styling products.
  6.  Removes build-up on the scalp, freeing clogged pores thus allowing the follicle to grow.

 Next I use a conditioner.  This is not any ordinary conditioner.  As a hairdresser, I needed three things to happen to get your hair in great condition:

  1.  I needed to close the cuticle which makes the hair shine.
  2.  Restore moisture to the hair with the conditioner.
  3. And finally, strengthen the hair shaft.

With damaged hair the cuticle is always open, it lacks moisture, and the hair is easy to break off from over processing and damage.  As a professional in the past, I found that it would take two to three products to get the results I wanted.

 The conditioner I use (ForYou, INC Hair Restoration) does the following:

  It can be used as a 5 minute rise after you wash your hair on a daily basis.

  1.  It can be used as a deep penetrating conditioner once a week.  After you shampoo your hair, towel dry it, and then apply a quarter amount of conditioner to the scalp and hair and comb it through with a wide tooth comb.  Leave it in the hair for at least 30 – 40 minutes.  If you have fine hair to medium (normal hair) rinse the conditioner completely out.  If you have dry, curry or damaged hair don’t rinse it completely out leave some in your hair.   Tip: you can leave it on overnight and rinse out in the morning.  It is not oily.
  2. You can also restyle your hair during the day by applying less than a dime amount to the palm of your hands and then run it through the hair lightly.  This is good for men to help control the hair during the day.

 Now let’s start styling your hair.

 The style, set and shine gel I use (ForYou, INC Style, Set, & Shine Gel) does the following:

 It adds volume, lift, dimension, and style support to any hair type and any hair style.  Take a dime amount in the palm of your hand, rub your hands together then rub into the scalp and then through the rest of the hair.

 Finally blow dry and style your hair as normal.

 If you like hair spray you have to try what I use (ForYou, INC Super Hold Finishing Spray) that does the following.

  1.  An advanced styling tool that brings out rich, natural highlights in hair while providing excellent hold.
  2.  Provides long lasting resistance against wind, humidity, and other environmental elements that can ruin your hair style.
  3.  Brushes out easily and leaves hair soft, full, shiny, and in control.
  4.  Will not build-up on hair nor leave hair stiff, dry, or unnatural looking.

 An important benefit to our gel and finishing spray is that it will not dry the hair and make the hair stiff.  Your hair will look soft and shiny all day long.  Even in the morning it will be still be shiny and soft.

 Here is a Tip or Two:  After I put on my finishing spray, I blow all over my hair with my hair dryer, which instantly dries the spray. I then scrunch up my hair between my finger tips and makes my hair hold better all day.  You can restyle your hair in the evening and apply more hair spray and it will not dry out your hair.

 For maximum results take ForYou’s Honey Bee Pollen, Inner Cellular Energy Multi-Vitamin, and Ancient Sea Minerals for nutritional support.

When I was a hair dresser, I never received complements on my hair. Now at the age of 60, my hair color looks natural, the color takes better, and by applying the Hair Restoration to my hair it is restores my hair back to normal condition.  That’s why it looks so natural.

ForYou offers a full line of superior hair care products from cleansing to finishing any style, for any hair type, for any gender or race. Our unique formulas combine nutrients to strengthen the hair follicle and promote noticeably healthier hair.. Our hair nutrients cleanse and fortify all hair types and provide daily protection from environmental stress and damage. Some have even reported new hair growth. ForYou’s hair care system delivers high-performance styling results, giving hair touchable texture with all-day hold.

 I urge everyone to use ForYou’s Hair Nutrient Collection.  To order please click here now.

 Shelley Roberts has been a professional hair dresser for over 20 year.  She currently consults with clients on personal care products to make one’s life better.   Please contact her at: and click on the Contact Me tab.

I hope these tips have been useful to you in caring for your hair.  If you found this article useful, please consider linking to it or sharing it with others, complete and intact with proper credit to the author. Your comments are welcome as well! © 2010 Shelley Roberts – All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

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  1. WTG – this is an awesome blog – great info – yeahhhhhhhhh for you – thanks for sharing.

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  2. Shelley, I love your article on hair with a hairdresser point of view. Everyone needs proper nutrition. Thank you for writing this article.

    Gerry Gaboriau
    skype: gerrygaboriau

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